Thursday, September 22, 2016

*If it's in your Water*

I have been telling you about your water supply.  Well here's some proof you need to research. Don't take for granted your water is being cleaned and taken care of. You will have a rude awakening, check into your water. Stop being the horse, lead to the water, and forced to drink,  because we HAVE to have water to survive.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

*Could this be the Black Knight or UFO*

I was on ISS Live as I live to see what's out in space, and this is what I saw this day, and watched tell it left the viewing area. Zoom in take a look, give me some answers please. I tried to line up from the arrival tell it left. Stay safe  my friends

Saturday, September 10, 2016

*Our Sun*

I don't know how you all get any work done up there. Watching the sun set is simply amazing.

Friday, September 2, 2016

*First Contact* When? I think Soon.

I was intrigued watching astronauts improve the camera's on the space station.
As I watched, well this glow in the background caught my eye. I think astronaut saw also because he moved his utility bag covering movement of object.
The blue glow has a shape, the shape of like a cube, well take a look. Zoom in.

Friday, August 26, 2016

*We have company coming*

Ok, so I'm watching, And listening to the ISS traffic, as they are conferring checks, I see a craft come flying in and come straight to Earth and as you can see above, it came into the US. So maybe they will stop by. ZOOM IN :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do you See what I See?

OK, now this pic is a Nasa pic that I took from a video SecureTeam10 posted.
Is it just me, Be honest, but do you guys See tunnels? really look good zoom in. SecureTeam10 was commenting on the tower looking object along with the dome shaped building looking object.
Well, if you take your view down you can See what looks like a tunnel, then look to the right you see another.
I believe Mars as you have named her, Mars has inhabitants, something happened, something big, and the survivors are trying to bring her back.

So all I am saying is you (NASA) should ask if they want company before you start trying to take over. :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

*I'm seeing u, and ur seeing me*

Well, let me tell u all, I saw this in July the night the Russian space pod connected with the space station for a drop off or something.
The craft came floating into camera view on live feed. Not sure if the glowing pink was the sun rising but that's what was going on. The yoyo shaped object at the bottom sat in that spot long enough for me to, jump out of bed grab another phone to take a pic,(i didnt knw abt screen shots duh!), then, we'll u knw the rest, feed cut.
I sent the pic to Scott Waring and he agreed and posted on his nationally known site.
I've seen them, crafts and other anomalies what about you?

People of Earth, Mars had or Has intelligent life.

Ok, Tyler from secure team posted a video showing the tower looking object in the back.
But look again there are tunnels on the right and left of the photo, (a screen shot from the video).
Mars is home to someone else. Why are they looking to barge in on them.
It looks to me Mars had something devastating happen, the inhabitants that survived underground are now the rebuilding.
Take this pic and zoom in, See the tunnels? Relax your eyes and look.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MayBe, just Maybe!!

OK people,humans,lifeforms...whom ever you are,
                          let me give 
              you thought to mull over.
The Planet Mars as you have named her, what if Mars was as Earth a living breathable life sharing planet, and its inhabitants,chemically killed all the Plant life, so no breathable Air, Genetically destroyed all the Animal life, so their is no nutritional meaning to the vegetables and meats humans thrive on and Annihilate yep I said it, All able to take care of The Planet.....And what do you have Left....MARS!  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's really going on? You will SEE !!!

In the Bible it states something like,
 When time for you to know all will SEE!!
  Our technology has made this true..

From any where in the world you can see the moment something happens...


There will be more and more sightings, don't be fooled by the World Government..

A Change is coming, But will it be what you expected?.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OK!>>>> OK Really!!~~~ WHat Is REAlly GOinG ON??!!

OK! Now When you read this and look at these pic's you will have to agree with ME---- Now stay with me people>>> If you had not heard, there was a movie last year called "" 2012"" and yeah the same scenes, "the World Is  Ending as WE know it"But wait...

In the Movie their is a way out!!!---If you can afford it ...
A very large building-ship is made, ok-ok! I will find a link to the movie,---

Architects say the Ark's shell-like construction of arches and cables evenly distribute weight so it is also invulnerable to earthquakes.

 but take a look at this, and tell me what you think!!.. 
10 thousand people can live in these things they are calling "Ark's"                                       

Keep a look out people, time could be coming to an end soon,



I just don't want to be, the last to know what's really goin on!!!!...

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Signs

 I'm sure, I'm not the only one that feels, the peekaboo sightings we have heard of for years and years will soon end with, a full appearance of the ones we call~~~> Aliens..

The birds are smacking into cloaked Mother-ships.

 It's way to much happening to ignore the possibility (that will soon be fact) that we are not alone out here!!!
  (Their could be ships under water also..)~~~> It could happen!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ok!! Let's Look Deeper!!

OK, let’s look at what would really be going on, when they make there Appearance, shall we…

"What If" The government has been secretly making movies giving us all a small heads up of what‘s going on. (I know you don’t think you can make any movie or TV show and Government doesn’t have a hand in it some how)
 The things we are seeing lately through media are (not just because of better graphics and technology), getting more intense.

The latest is Skyline!! This story line, I can really see going down. These Machine like Aliens came with a purpose, the human brain (also a machine). They wanted something to get there their guys moving, and they took it.

Our planet’s inhabitants (Humans), have for centuries, proven to be a very violent race, intergalactic-ticly speaking.I am sure they see this also. Our planet has been visited for millions of years, there is so much visual proof, and why not, if you were out in space and needed to pull over for food or fuel, you mean to say you would pass by a planet that look like it might have something !!!? Come On Now!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keep a look out***** Have a Bad Feeling^^^

I'm having a feeling of trouble coming, and I really hope we're prepared!! Oh wait most of our troops are still scattered all over the world, not to mention the ones that our back are still confused about why they we're their that long anyway.. Oh an hummm, the government treats Americans like We, (the ones that built her),don't deserve the truth about, "What's really going on"!!
Right today unless you are really living in a hole somewhere, and you don't have to pay attention to this world. There is some serious shit happening.Let's first look at our Government,that has taken over our lives, they control us all . There is nothing an American can do the Government doesn't have a hand in, and that's not doing so well..(do you see it-feel it?) 
Today the year 2010 almost 2011 and there are more and more peek-a-boo sightings. Do you really think that will soon end, and just start having full fledged, "Look see my ship", "yes we do exist", "not enough of you know anything about us to do anything" (Thanks to our Government), "You have no planetary unity", "you have taken from your planet until it ,will soon have nothing left to give". "You Humans treat each other with such cruelty your not worth our time!!"
So!! Don't even think, that when this happens, (The Appearance) that they will have, big hugs, wanting to be friends..
Think About It ,That's All I'm Saying!!! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's really going on ?!!!!!!!

I believe
our lives are like when Jesus walked this earth, we ‘re  all being tested in our trust in him The Lord ..“May- it -be” The Lord our God, Muhammad, Buddha, Guadalupe, or  even Sarah Palin (Heehee-sorry).
OK, !! It might just turn out we’re not the only ones created, and every planet out there is filled, with genetically make-up beings like us.~~~~ Whatever the case may be,you must believe in a higher being.. Because it’s not looking so good, not at all…
 OK, now as we know, The Lord God (Christians) we know loves his children (all of them) and well, Satan is still one of his children.. Remembering some words, when Jesus was being tested, and Satan and He were on the mountain??  I think about the questions that where asked of him. The taunting, what he would be given, all the things he could have. 

What’s important to you, that’s what we as human beings have lost . Theirs no family structure anymore, no family units, togetherness, OK_OK  I’m all for growing-change-upgrading. But why-Why -WHY was that changed.. And PLEASE people, I am not going back so far I didn’t even know the people. I’m talking on the last 20-30yrs .We will always have evil, It’s on you, as an individual, NOT let it take you!!! Why is it that when things look there worst we’re calling out to God.?? BUT WHEN GOD needed US too speak up--- and stop government from taking God from the places we need him most-- OUR FAMILIES-OUR SCHOOLS-- OUR WORK PLACES--America was Great, WE BELIEVED in THE LORD, People still struggled but things didn’t look this bad.
And that's all I have to say about that!
The BearLady Has Spoken. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I Told you more up close and personal!!! Come on now- You have to have seen something by now yourselves....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I believe there will be more personal up close sightings soon. I believe it is something here they need, besides we as a human race, are an INTER-GALACTIC ZOO, suitable for entertaining all those Planet Jumpers, Milky-way travelers not to mention the teenage out-in-spacers, doing fly-bye's on there night out with the boys.. they see how we treat each other(HUMANS).. We're a talk-reality-CNN-er-cartoon show for SPACE TRAVELERS, with the technology to shoot through a wormhole to get here in time for the next show of incredible stupidity RACISM-WARS-KILLINGS-HUNGER-SICKNESS so don't think they will be coming with there hands in there pockets, with a big grin saying-signing or mind communicating, Hey! You all look like nice folks , just want to be friends.....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just watched the Classic Soylent Green,~~to leave this violent-no morals-closed eye-hurting earth, watching a scene of beauty 
in a omni max theater!!!! 
Not bad.
Just don't eat me!!!
Have you ever seen it?, OK! the world has gone to hell in the future, all resources for food water, and housing has diminished, and "DUH-dAahhhh!!" "You find out!!" it started with our elderly, old signing yourself into a place to end all suffering. Enter, tell them your favorite things, you lay down on a very comfy bed, have a drink,a scene appears, it takes up your whole viewing area,the blue skis,orange sun,trees swaying in the wind, bright colorful flowers,"then u die".. "But!!" Then your body is taken with others to factory where your made into food.. "Yupper" food !! A green cracker,
Damn that's messed up!