Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Dash!

Do you know what I.m speaking on?

Your Dash
OK look, you come here with a number 19??. You will leave here with a number 20??. THERE IS A DASH(-) IN BETWEEN

So, what have you been doing with yours.

That's the part that, you know!,what you have done with your life. I know some say,"I don't care" but you should. You should want to have some kind of,

"Oh man that's a really good person you were talking to" or "hey, so in so really makes me feel good just being around".

Don't you want to hear some good stuff about yourself, before the end.

I mean, before others are just saying nice stuff,  (at your funeral), just to make your family (the one's that have to say nice things) feel good.
Make your Dash a great one. :-)