Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I believe there will be more personal up close sightings soon. I believe it is something here they need, besides we as a human race, are an INTER-GALACTIC ZOO, suitable for entertaining all those Planet Jumpers, Milky-way travelers not to mention the teenage out-in-spacers, doing fly-bye's on there night out with the boys.. they see how we treat each other(HUMANS).. We're a talk-reality-CNN-er-cartoon show for SPACE TRAVELERS, with the technology to shoot through a wormhole to get here in time for the next show of incredible stupidity RACISM-WARS-KILLINGS-HUNGER-SICKNESS so don't think they will be coming with there hands in there pockets, with a big grin saying-signing or mind communicating, Hey! You all look like nice folks , just want to be friends.....

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