Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blinders off Please!!!!!!!!!

  Please lets take a look at ourselves before we leave the house!! 
Now, we all know if we see a lady going into Wal-Mart lookin a hot mess we are bound by nature to comment. 
So why are we coming out looking like anything??
It’s ok , get a second opinion, girls really. We might look in the mirror and still see what was there 10 to 20 years ago, but ladies we have to learn to take those blinders off our own eye’s and see what were really working with.
If you see a little bitty lady in something cute, it’s cool go see if you can find it in your size, this is the
 Key----YOUR SIZE….
Take your time, try things on in the store, look around at yourself in the mirror, from all angles… please !
I had to learn this, and yes it took me a while to see, there not looking because I look fantastic, their saying "Why” 
didn’t someone tell her what she looks like,
                                                          Before she walked out the door..

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! you know that's right gurl!