Thursday, August 12, 2010

Put a sweet little tune to it !!!!!

to those of us that think people we care about ,and love our not thinking of us the way we want them to.
   First of all, 
we must remember, everyone, all humans have a mind of there own, humans   will make up from what they see and hear to form an opinion of us all.  
               what they see might not be what you see in yourself.   
     And you ask why!!
that's because there mind will never ever work like yours.
        This is what you must do----- 
close your eye's, think of a cute little tune---- and say to yourself----- 
F~~~ IT.. LAH LAH LAH~~~~~
people you must learn to put a cute little tune in, it will keep you smiling!!

Know within yourself you are the best human you can be, BACK TRACKING TO CHANGE WHAT YOU SHOULD OF DONE THE FIRST TIME IS A WASTE---- 

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