Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I believe, we humans, here on Earth must look like an Inter-Galactic zoo to any that come bye for a visit.. I mean really Giorgio(T), oh, (may I call you Giorgio?)..
OK, think about it,~~~~ Your out on a run picking up supplies for the family outing, or a world domination rally and do a fly-bye Earth,just to see if they "got it together",, yet-!!! Because it seems to me, Humans have not been able to "get it together" in millions of years.. The first thing they see is,- Humans all over the earth, just can't stop killing each other.. on the other side of the Earth humans are diseased, homeless, starving to death. AND NOW!! Now the Planet that has supported and cared for us for millions of years,, Yes I Do Believe is again looking for better  caretakers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~~~`GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, and Yes I DO Believe We Will Need It...!!!!!!!

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