Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just watched the Classic Soylent Green,~~to leave this violent-no morals-closed eye-hurting earth, watching a scene of beauty 
in a omni max theater!!!! 
Not bad.
Just don't eat me!!!
Have you ever seen it?, OK! the world has gone to hell in the future, all resources for food water, and housing has diminished, and "DUH-dAahhhh!!" "You find out!!" it started with our elderly, old signing yourself into a place to end all suffering. Enter, tell them your favorite things, you lay down on a very comfy bed, have a drink,a scene appears, it takes up your whole viewing area,the blue skis,orange sun,trees swaying in the wind, bright colorful flowers,"then u die".. "But!!" Then your body is taken with others to factory where your made into food.. "Yupper" food !! A green cracker,
Damn that's messed up!

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Anonymous said...

I love this movie a great classic!! This is japan waiting to happen with the over crowds happening...