Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's really going on ?!!!!!!!

I believe
our lives are like when Jesus walked this earth, we ‘re  all being tested in our trust in him The Lord ..“May- it -be” The Lord our God, Muhammad, Buddha, Guadalupe, or  even Sarah Palin (Heehee-sorry).
OK, !! It might just turn out we’re not the only ones created, and every planet out there is filled, with genetically make-up beings like us.~~~~ Whatever the case may be,you must believe in a higher being.. Because it’s not looking so good, not at all…
 OK, now as we know, The Lord God (Christians) we know loves his children (all of them) and well, Satan is still one of his children.. Remembering some words, when Jesus was being tested, and Satan and He were on the mountain??  I think about the questions that where asked of him. The taunting, what he would be given, all the things he could have. 

What’s important to you, that’s what we as human beings have lost . Theirs no family structure anymore, no family units, togetherness, OK_OK  I’m all for growing-change-upgrading. But why-Why -WHY was that changed.. And PLEASE people, I am not going back so far I didn’t even know the people. I’m talking on the last 20-30yrs .We will always have evil, It’s on you, as an individual, NOT let it take you!!! Why is it that when things look there worst we’re calling out to God.?? BUT WHEN GOD needed US too speak up--- and stop government from taking God from the places we need him most-- OUR FAMILIES-OUR SCHOOLS-- OUR WORK PLACES--America was Great, WE BELIEVED in THE LORD, People still struggled but things didn’t look this bad.
And that's all I have to say about that!
The BearLady Has Spoken. 

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