Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keep a look out***** Have a Bad Feeling^^^

I'm having a feeling of trouble coming, and I really hope we're prepared!! Oh wait most of our troops are still scattered all over the world, not to mention the ones that our back are still confused about why they we're their that long anyway.. Oh an hummm, the government treats Americans like We, (the ones that built her),don't deserve the truth about, "What's really going on"!!
Right today unless you are really living in a hole somewhere, and you don't have to pay attention to this world. There is some serious shit happening.Let's first look at our Government,that has taken over our lives, they control us all . There is nothing an American can do the Government doesn't have a hand in, and that's not doing so well..(do you see it-feel it?) 
Today the year 2010 almost 2011 and there are more and more peek-a-boo sightings. Do you really think that will soon end, and just start having full fledged, "Look see my ship", "yes we do exist", "not enough of you know anything about us to do anything" (Thanks to our Government), "You have no planetary unity", "you have taken from your planet until it ,will soon have nothing left to give". "You Humans treat each other with such cruelty your not worth our time!!"
So!! Don't even think, that when this happens, (The Appearance) that they will have, big hugs, wanting to be friends..
Think About It ,That's All I'm Saying!!! 

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