Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ok!! Let's Look Deeper!!

OK, let’s look at what would really be going on, when they make there Appearance, shall we…

"What If" The government has been secretly making movies giving us all a small heads up of what‘s going on. (I know you don’t think you can make any movie or TV show and Government doesn’t have a hand in it some how)
 The things we are seeing lately through media are (not just because of better graphics and technology), getting more intense.

The latest is Skyline!! This story line, I can really see going down. These Machine like Aliens came with a purpose, the human brain (also a machine). They wanted something to get there their guys moving, and they took it.

Our planet’s inhabitants (Humans), have for centuries, proven to be a very violent race, intergalactic-ticly speaking.I am sure they see this also. Our planet has been visited for millions of years, there is so much visual proof, and why not, if you were out in space and needed to pull over for food or fuel, you mean to say you would pass by a planet that look like it might have something !!!? Come On Now!!

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